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About us

History 6 years ago, before the establishment of Natural Origin Product Company, an Associate Professor in Zoology found out that many of her family members had sensitive skin problem like had never come across before. Such sensitive skin problem affected their daily life as well as mental health. Therefore, she started to look for the cause and the remedies for the problem with the idea that if every members of the family change their behavior by using products which are made from nature and avoiding use of strong chemicals it would be a good solution and could help solve the problem. Therefore, she began the research and developed products which are for the use in daily life e.g. shower gel, shampoo, and face cleansing gel. Starting by producing for home use among family members; and after the result has been proven by the family members which could be noticed from the improvement of skin problems, she then spread it to others. She, therefore, started the research project of the products by bringing all expertise from every family member’s and combined them to develop products, starting from herself who has academic status (Associate Professor) and is an expert in Teratology as well as animal tissue technique. Her husband who has a Ph.D. in environmental management has academic status (Associate Professor) and is an expert in pollution. Her son and daughter who have a degree in veterinary science have knowledge and ability in using drugs and research as well as biology and toxicants. Such product research project has been involved with several researches as well as experimental research with interested volunteers. In such product research, there had been tests after tests which took 4 consecutive years. After the research result come out satisfying, she, then, brought the research result to develop the products and apply for the registration with Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, consumers can be sure of the quality, mildness, and safety, as well as environmental-friendly property of all our products. We would also like to inform you that every product that you are using is the same product that we all (the manufacturer) use daily. We, as a manufacturer, have always had conscience in social responsibility as you can see from the beginning to the present. Most people in the society still have risk of taking chemicals into the body and accumulate them continuously. The negative impact of it can be seen from the statistic of Thailand’s number one non-contagious illness is cancer. With this cause, Natural Origin Products takes it as our mission to help ease such problem by giving new option to people in the society to avoid contacting with strong chemicals and have access to products which have ingredients which are made from 99% natural initial substance and are mild, natural and safest.