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Make Up Remover

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Time Everyday 9:00-17:00
Staff Tanya Landry
Price ฿980.00
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Made for those with delicate, allergy-sensitive skin, this lotion does has neither alcohol nor perfume that could cause irritation, but instead has natural oils with molecules small enough to penetrate and nourish the many layers of skin deeply and thoroughly. It cleanses pores and regenerates balance, reducing the oils for those with oily skin and killing bacteria which cause blemishes. It has 20-50 times more antioxidants than both vitamin C and E, as well as polyphenol and turmeric extract which helps heal bacterial infections and prevents blackheads. This lotion helps the face to glow, become soft, and it retards aging. It is appropriate for all complexions, including dry or oily skin. You can also use this to remove water-resistant make-up, and this lotion is safe and gentle when removing make-up from around the eyes. While using this to remove make-up, it also acts as a facial cleanse. How to use – Apply the lotion over your face and neck and gently massage, then wipe with a soft tissue. And wipe again with moist cotton. Reccomendation – It is recommended to regularly use this with Gelisee Facial Gel, as it deep-cleanses your face to prevent rash.