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Sensitive Scalp Soothe Shampoo

Treatment Info

Time Everyday 9:00-17:00
Staff Skin Beauty Staffs
Price ฿980.00

Treatment Detail

A mild shampoo, for allergy-sensitive scalp, replete with a variety of natural hair-nourishing ingredients like anthocyanin from the butterfly pea flower which helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, thereby nourishing the follicles’ roots as well. Additionally, Gelisee contains vitamin B5, hydrolyzed silk protein, honey, aloe vera, mangosteen peel and ginger extract, and glycerin. If you use Gelisee Shampoo regularly, your hair and scalp will return to their natural condition and recover from the damage inflicted by accumulated artificial chemicals. When you use this shampoo, your hair will be healthy, strong, soft and silky as nature intended. This shampoo does not contain cancer- causing chemicals such as silicone, sulfate nor paraben. How to use: Apply shampoo over wet hair. Spread and scrub all over the scalp and wash off with clean water 2-3 times as needed. Reccomendation: Gelisee Conditioner. Massage your scalp with this conditioner for 2-3 minutes after shampooing. Wash off with clean water, and your hair will be softer and silkier than ever.